World deadlift championships – the prep

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We’re just four weeks out from the World Deadlift Championships, happening alongside the Europe’s Strongest Man competition in Leeds, England. The deadlift championship will see all the best strongman deadlifters in the world (with the notable exception of Big Z) up against the raw and equipped powerlifting deadlift record holders – Andy Bolton and Benedikt Magnússon.

The rules are simple – from A to B anyway you can – straps, equipment, hitching – it’s all good. Understandably, everyone’s keen for the title of the best deadlifter in the world and videos have been flying all over the place with ever more impressive feats. Let’s take a look at some of the competitors training now:

Loz tore his quad recently so has been slowly building back up to his best. This training lift looked comfortable and we think Loz will be good for 420-430kg come competition day.

Martin’s a bit of a dark horse. He’s an incredible deadlifter and this 420kg lift from blocks is certainly strong. But keep scrolling for some even stronger lifts!

Arsjo showing off 370kg x 2. Undoubtedly a strong lift and, a few years ago, perhaps would have been in the top 3 strongman. These days though its, remarkably, nothing special. The opening lift at the championships is a stonking 400kg so lets hope Arsjo manages to better that and more.

The favourite going into the competition and current record holder. This phenomenal lift of 410kg proves why.

Englishman Eddie Hall doesn’t back down easily though and his training lift of 420kg shows he’s a real competitor for the title too.

Another English chap, Andy Bolton holds the world record for an equipped deadlift (which is bizarrely less than Bennie’s unequipped record). Andy trains differently than the rest, seemingly preferring speed work over heavy singles. This 300kg lift is probably the fastest we’ve ever seen that weight lifted.

Let’s not forget American Brian Shaw who beat Big Z at World’s Strongest Man in the deadlift and Icelandic tv star Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. It’s undeniably going to be an incredible competition. Who do you think will win? Comment below.

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