Brian Shaw

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  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 2.03m
  • Weight: 193kg

Brian Shaw was the winner of World’s Strongest Man 2011, lost some ground in 2012 and dominated the stage with another victory in 2013. He is a general behemoth of a man. As to be expected of an exceptionally tall American, basketball was Shaw’s first port of call before beginning his career in strongman in 2005. Shaw seems to harness all the advantages that being tall garners – including being excellent at the Atlas Stones – yet somehow overcomes the things where height should put him at a disadvantage. Shaw’s deadlift is ridicoulously good. So good in fact that he beat Big Z in the event at WSM 2013. Although he doesn’t have a Log Press that rivals Z or Lalas yet – he hasn’t far off. We have our suspicions that Shaw might actually be a mutant – beyond a certain point people become just too good.

Shaw always comes across as a very personable man in interviews and lives up to the stereotype of a gentle giant. But this relaxed attitude shouldn’t be mistaken for a weakness. Shaw is strong all-round, excelling at both moving and static events.

Visibly and vocally annoyed by his performance at 2011’s Arnold Strongman Classic shaw approached WSM 2012 with an eye on the title – on the day, Big Z proved too good an opponent but Brian put in a solid performance, finishing in fourth.

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