Conan’s Wheel

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Based on the opening sequence of the film Conan the Barbarbian, which in turn may well be based on something else, the strongman must pick up a heavy weight that pivots around a fixed point and complete as many rotations as possible.

Different strongman tackle this event in various ways – some will rest the weight in their elbow crease while others prefer to have it rest on their forearms. If the strongman is particularly cheeky they’ll then rest their arms on a weightlifting belt to reduce the strain.


God only knows the record for Conan’s wheel. Too many variants for an official record to exist unfortunately. We will however say it is one of those events that will split even the best of strongmen. Some people will struggle with a single lap while others seem happy to run around in circles all night long. It’s a difficult event to train for so perhaps it is those fortunate enough to have a setup in their backyard that are able to perform consistently well on the day.

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