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Here at Strongman.org, we cater for all kinds of sports men from beginners to pro athletes. Our mission is to create a space in which all types of people from all over the globe can come together within our site, to share their interests within the great strongman sport.

We provide the latest up to date information regarding strongman events as well as:

  • How to train for each of these amazing events, along with the relevant information regarding each strongman event;
  • Nutritional information for beginners or upcoming strongmen;
  • A gear guide to help you choose the right equipment for your strongman training;
  • Information regarding each professional strongman;
  • News regarding the different strongman events along with the current world records;
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We have our team of exerts working and researching within the world of the strongman sport, to be able to provide you with the information that is needed to start training within this fantastic sport or even to provide those of you who just enjoy watching these great events take place!

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