Benni Magnusson: world record deadlift – 445kg/981lb

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This weekend sees international strongmen battling it out at the Melborne Giants’ Live competition. Most interestingly one of the events was max deadlift and the line-up happens to include a certain Mr¬†Benni Magnusson.

See Benni break the strongman deadlift world record below:

The title was previously held by Brian Shaw who pulled 442.5kg /975lb at World’s Strongest Man 2013.

Benni’s lift is certainly impressive but it is still shy of his own powerlifting world record which stands at an incredible 460kg/1015lb

Hopefully Benni’s lift as the Australian Giants’ Live marks a return to form – with straps and the option to hitch Benni should, theoretically at least, be able to surpass his powerlifting record.


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