Giants Live – Hungary 2014

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This weekend saw Giants Live, Hungary take place – one of the official qualifiers for World’s Strongest Man 2015.

The competition took place in the countries capital, Budapest.


  1. Arm over arm truck pull
  2. Log for reps
  3. Conan’s circle
  4. Car deadlift
  5. Atlas stone
  6. Iceland cross carry for max. distance

Overall results:

  1. Jason Bergmann, USA – 59.5 points (won 3 events)
  2. Matjaz Belsak, SLO, 59.5 points
  3. Eddie Hall, GBR, 56 points
  4. Mike Caruso, USA, 44 points
  5. Konstantine Janashia, GEO, 43.5 points
  6. Graham Hicks, GBR, 40 points
  7. Michael Votter, AUT, 36 points
  8. Puzsér Péter, SVK, 34.5 points
  9. Marc V.D Haer, RSA, 27.5 points
  10. Hajnal Tamás, HUN 27.5 points (joint 10-11th)
  11. Alen Radosevic, SRB, 27.5  points (joint 10-11th)
  12. Sebestyén János, HUN, 8 points

Many English fans will I’m sure be surprised Eddie Hall didn’t top the charts but no doubt the American strongman fans amongst us always new Bergmann was capable of taking the title.

No videos of the competition have surfaced yet, but Hungarian strongman Akos Nagy did upload a video of the arm over arm truck pull being tested before the athletes took their turn: