UK’s Strongest Man 2013


Update: the competition is over and the final events in – for a full score breakdown please go to the bottom of the page.

Whilst the Worlds’ eyes are on China and this year’s World’s Strongest Man there’s another (almost as equally as important) competition going on in Belfast, Northern Ireland – UK’s Strongest Man. After all, it does feature WSM competitor Eddie Hall who flew back from China, via Scotland, to compete – good effort!

The competition is a three day extravaganza, with today (Thursday) being the first day of events. If you aren’t familiar with the structure, the athletes are split into two groups – Group A and Group B – and compete across two days. Each day, the bottom two strongmen in each group are cut. On Saturday, the scoresheets are wiped and the remaining athletes are combined for one almighty final showdown.

Standings after day 1:

Group A

  1. Tom Shaw – 26.5 points
  2. Ed Hall – 22 points
  3. Adam Bishop – 20.5 points
  4. Johnny Kelly – 19.5 points
  5. Pat O’Dwyer 19.5 points
  6. Nathan Lleyn – 14 points
  7. Mark Hunter – 14 points *eliminated*
  8. Lewis Mitchell – 4 points *eliminated*

Group B

  1. Ben Kelsey – 22 points
  2. Luke Stoltman – 21 points
  3. Mick Brown – 20 points
  4. Simon Johnston – 19 points
  5. Nicky Whelan – 19 points
  6. Dan Gannon – 16 points
  7. Wayne Smith – 16 points *eliminated*
  8. Kelvin Gardener – 8 points *eliminated*

Standings after day 2:

Day 2 and the points in each group have been reset. The event’s today have been arm over arm, husafell stone and hercules hold. The last event of the day, powerstairs, has been postponed due to rain, but the standings thus far are:

Group A

  1. Ed Hall – 15 points
  2. Tom Shaw – 14 points
  3. Johnny Kelly – 10 points
  4. Pat O’Dwyer – 9 points
  5. Adam Bishop – 7 points
  6. Nathan Lleyn – 7 points

Group B

  1. Luke Stoltman – 17 points
  2. Ben Kelsey – 15 points
  3. Simon Johnston – 12 points
  4. Nicky Whelan – 8 points
  5. Dan Gannon – 8 points
  6. Mick Brown – 3 points

As it stands, it looks like Adam Bishop, Nathan Lleyn, Mick Brown and one of Nicky Whelan or Dan Gannon are going to get cut before Saturday’s final. Let’s see whether they can pull it back tomorrow morning when the powerstairs will decide who makes the final.

Our apologies if some of the names are a little wonky… hopefully you know who we’re referring to!

UK’s Strongest Man 2013 – Full Results:

Day 1 Group A

Event 1 Railway Walk Super Yoke

Nathan Llewellyn15.90 m54
Jonathan Kelly18.20 m45
Pat O’Dwyer6.10 m63
Tom Shaw35.16 sec18
Adam Bishop37.37 sec27
Lewis Mitchell3.37 m81
Mark Hunter3.57 m72
Ed Hall45.25 sec36

Event 2 Monster Behind the Neck Axle Press

Lewis Mitchell001
Mark Hunter170kg457
Pat O’Dwyer185kg26.59.5
Nathan Llewellyn004
Jonathan Kelly185kg26.511.5
Ed Hall190kg1814
Adam Bishop160kg53.510.5
Tom Shaw160kg53.511.5

Event 3 Strongman Scrum

Ed Hall1822
Tom Shaw2718.5
Nathan Llewellyn3610
Adam Bishop4515.5
Mark Hunter5411
Pat O’Dwyer6312.5
Jonathan Kelly7213.5
Lewis Mitchell812

Event 4 Stones of Strength

1st 100kg, 2nd 115kg, 3rd 130kg, 4th 145kg, 5th 160kg

NameStone & TimePlacePointsOverall
Lewis Mitchell2nd – 21.69 secs724
Nathan Llewellyn3rd -20.98 secs5414
Mark Hunter3rd – 37.09 secs6314
Pat O’Dwyer4th – 27.28 secs2719.5
Jonathan Kelly4th 28.40 secs3619.5
Adam Bishop4th 40.54 secs4520.5
Tom Shaw5th 42.75 secs1826.5
Ed Hall0022

Day 1 Group B

Event 1 Railway Walk Super Yoke

Nicky Whelan11.35m63
Ben Kelsey23.04sec18
Luke Stoltman17.94m36
Wayne Smith10m72
Mick Brown12.45m54
Dan Gannon42.66sec27
Kelvin Gardner7.62m81
Simon Johnston14.96m45

Event 2 Monster Behind the Neck Axle Press

Kelvin Gardner150kg723
Wayne Smith185kg279
Nicky Whelan160kg636
Mick Brown170kg359
Simon Johnston170kg3510
Luke Stoltman170kg3511
Dan Gannon140kg818
Ben Kelsey200kg1816

Event 3 Strongman Scrum

Nicky Whelan1814
Mick Brown2716
Ben Kelsey3622
Kelvin Gardner458
Wayne Smith5413
Simon Johnston6313
Luke Stoltman7213
Dan Gannon819

Event 4 Stones of Strength

1st 100kg, 2nd 115kg, 3rd 130kg, 4th 145kg, 5th 160kg

NameStone & TimePlacePointsOverall
Kelvin Gardener008
Dan Gannon5th – 61.50 secs2716
Wayne Smith3rd – 25.12 secs6316
Simon Johnston5th – 63.25 secs3619
Luke Stoltman5th – 57.31 secs1821
Nicky Whelan4th – 29.33 secs4519
Mick Brown4th – 37.41 secs5420
Ben Kelsey0022

Day 2 Group B

Event 5 Arm Over Arm Rope Pull of a Truck

Dan Gannon39.71 secs52
Simon Johnston36.13 secs25
Nicky Whelan39.00 secs43
Mick Brown18m 80 cms61
Luke Stoltman33.51 secs16
Ben Kelsey38.32 secs34

Event 6 Husefell Stone

Mick Brown14.08m612
Dan Gannon46.10m346
Nicky Whelan31.73m525
Ben Kelsey49.40m1610
Simon Johnston36.59m438
Luke Stoltman48.46m2511

Event 7 Hercules Hold for Time

Mick Brown18.99 secs613
Nicky Shelan33.70 secs438
Simon Johnston34.32 secs3412
Dan Gannon32.91 secs528
Luke Stoltman32.91 secs1617
Ben Kelsey35.86 secs2515

Event 8 Power Stairs

NameBlock 1Block2Block3PlacePointsOverall
Mick BrownStep 2347
Nicky Whelan5th – 61.50 secs44.86 Step 51614
Dan Gannon3rd – 25.12 secs72.94 Step 52513
Simon JohnstonStep 24315
Ben KelseyStep151.516.5
Luke StoltmanStep 151.518.5

FINAL UK Strongest Man 2013

Event 1 Strongman Steeple Chase

Pat O’Dwyer50.94 secs72
Jonathan Kelly31.31 secs27
Simon Johston58.57 secs81
Nicky Whelan36.06 secs45
Tom Shaw43.97 secs63
Ed Hall36.31 secs54
Luke Stoltman34.19 secs36
Ben Kelsey30.78 secs18

Event 2 Monster Log for Reps

Simon Johnston1456
Pat O’Dywer0002
Tom Shaw0003
Ed Hall32711
Nicky Whelan0005
Luke Stoltman0006
Jonathan Kelly41815
Ben Kelsey23614

Event 3 Car Roll

Pat O’Dwyer25.09 secs724
Tom Shaw21.11 secs2710
Nicky Whelan21.59 secs3611
Luke Stoltman23.35 secs5410
Simon Johnston28.78 secs817
Ben Kelsey23.08 secs4519
Ed Hall19.38 secs1819
Jonathan Kelly24.89 secs6318

Event 4 Deadlift for Maximum

Simon Johnston350kg3613
Pat O’Dwyer320kg626
Jonathan Kelly340kg44.522.5
Luke Stoltman320kg6212
Ben Kelsey340kg44.523.5
Nicky Whelan320kg6213
Tom Shaw355kg2717
Ed Hall360kg1827

Event 5 Stone for Reps

Pat O’Dwyer0006
Luke Stoltman162.514.5
Nicky Whelan426.519.5
Simon Johnston244.517.5
Tom Shaw244.521.5
Jonathan Kelly162.525
Ben Kelsey426.530
Ed Hall51835


Overall Placings

  1. Ed Hall – 35 points
  2. Ben Kelsey – 30 points
  3. Jonathan Kelly – 25 points
  4. Tom Shaw – 21.5 points
  5. Nicky Whelan – 19.5 points
  6. Simon Johnston – 17.5 points
  7. Luke Stoltman – 14.5 points
  8. Pat O’Dwyer – 6 points


  1. Exciting competition again this year!

    When are you going to hold an event in Southampton? It always seems to be Minehead or Belfast!!

  2. Are these guys allowed to juice ? I mean they must juice, but are they tested ?

    Seems a bit of a joke if they all juice !!

  3. watched this finally, was dis appointed in ed hall, what a baby !!! moaning about the log lift !!!! saying it wasn’t fair, didn’t see the little guy moaning on the last event when height was an advantage for ed and a disadvantage for him !!! Not very sportsman like !!!

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