Europe’s Strongest Man u90kg & u105kg 2015

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This weekend (10 October 2015) saw the Irish Muscle Power Expo play host to a Giants Live endorsed (that’s about as official as a strongman gets) competition to find Europe’s Strongest Man under 90kg and under 105kg.

All of the athletes competed in their own national qualifiers to earn a place to compete for the European title.

The u90kg line up:

  • Angelo Lannetta (Italy)
  • Arram Eghoyan (England)
  • Brian Moller larsen (Denmark)
  • Dave Sanderson (Scotland)
  • Danny Wallace (Northern Ireland)
  • James Dingle (Ireland)
  • Jeremy Vickers (Scotland)
  • Kjetil Finnes (Norway)
  • Michai Tichanow (Poland)
  • Rob Ward (England)
  • Sebastien Hupfer (France)
  • Joshua Morris (Wales)

The u105kg line up:

  • Ben Kelsey (England)
  • Eoin Shanahan (Ireland)
  • Jiri Tkadlcik (Czech Republic)
  • Jorgen Skaug Aukland (Norway)
  • Lewis McLuckie (Scotland)
  • Luke Davies (Wales)
  • Marcin Sendwicki (Poland)
  • Marius Rozentals (Latvia)
  • Mike Bromilow (England)
  • Mindaugas Brazauskas (Lithuania)
  • Pearse O’Kane (Ireland)
  • Richard Minney (England)
  • Vaidotas Siurna (Lithuania)


The events for the under 90kg guys were:

  • Max log
  • Car squat – reps est 250kg
  • Deadlift for reps 290kg
  • Stone to shoulder 110kg
  • Conan’s wheel

Whilst the 105kg athletes battled it out over:

  • Max Deadlift
  • Log for reps (130kg)
  • Car squat – reps est 270kg
  • Stone over bar for reps 160kg
  • Deadlift for max, 270kg start weight

If you want to watch the whole thing as it happened (warning: it’s a long video!) you can check out official strongman’s youtube video, here:

If you don’t have 5 hours to spare then here are the final placings:


  1. Angelo Lannetta
  2. Arram Eghoyan
  3. Rob Ward


  1. Ben Kelsey & Marius Rozentals (equal points and on count back)
  2. N/A
  3. Marcin Sendwicki