Eddie Hall – 195kg strict log, 420kg deadlift, 260kg bench

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Everyone who knows British strongman Eddie Hall knows the man is a static monster but, even so, these recent training videos are something else!


In typical Eddie-style the 195kg log is strict pressed overhead. Most strongmen prefer to push press the log, making use of their legs, but the strongest lifts we’ve seen from Eddie have all been strict. We suspect he hasn’t yet managed to master the co-ordination needed to involve his legs but, when you’re this strong strict, who really cares?!


420kg raw deadlift – this man don’t need no suit, no belt… maybe a pair of straps but we won’t blame him for that! Eddie was quoted on his youtube channel as saying:

I would have gone for 440kg but the bar wouldn’t take anymore weight and I think chains are dangerous!

No spotters, flat back and pretty comfortable. No wonder he is happy to strict press his 195kg log!

Eddie is clearly¬†very statically strong right now. Lets just hope he hasn’t peaked too soon before the competition season and that he’s working on his moving events as much as his gym lifts.


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