Rob Frampton’s Strongman Tips

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World’s Strongest Man competitor in 2010 and 2011, owner of a gym in Portsmouth, UK and 400kg deadlifer Rob Frampton isn’t too shabby as far as strongmen go. Rob was recently interviewed by booost, a British company who produce a 99.5% canned oxygen product that helps athletes “get through the wall”. booost asked Rob to share his top ten tips for strong men.

1. Diet is key

Get the best quality meat, vegetables and other foods you can buy. Keep eating all day, keep adding protein and snacking and make sure you stay on top of your hydration all day long.

2. Rest, fuel, rest

The important part of our training is actually the rest. Rest hard between sets – that’s when your body grows!

3. Keep it simple

Keep training simple and follow the plan you have. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel, just do what you know you need to do. Overhead once a week, squatting once a week and deadlifting once a week you can’t go wrong. And work your weaknesses!

4. Enjoy it!

Having fun Is important – when you spend so much time doing something, you need to have some fun or you will soon lose your enthusiasm. Make sure you have a goal to aim at.

5. Preparation is vital!

Prepare carefully for every competition. You’ve done the training, you’ve eaten the diet and now you’re ready for competition. Make sure you have all your kit, your chalk, your supplements, your food. Check the hotel is booked and your travel plans are made. Above all, take your own water!

6. Protein is essential

You have to focus on protein in your diet. We feed and fuel ourselves on protein, so focus on that to make sure you have the energy you need. I’d go for organic food as my first choice.

7. Prevent injuries

An injury is inevitable, but do your best to feel your body and stop training when you are in danger of injury. Ice is your best friend, and if you do pick up a light injury, don’t stop training, just stop training on that part.

8. Look after yourself

General knowledge and understanding how your body works is important. Clean your calluses up, using a pumistone and look after your body generally.

9. Technique is key

Use You Tube to watch and learn other people doing the exercise you need to do. Don’t worry about the weights, focus on the technique. Technique is key.

10. Train for your next competition

Focus on the specific training for your next event, so if that includes log, tyre, axle, yoke and stones, then train on those and those only. If you’re strong at one of them, train light, if you’re weak, train heavy.

You can follow Rob and booost on their Twitter pages, here and here.


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