Arnold Strongman Classic 2013 Lineup

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Update (21/02/2013) – Event details added

Update (28/01/2013) – Events confirmed as The Austrian Oak, Manhood Stones, Tire Deadlift and Circus Dumbbell. Mark Felix confirmed as Big Z’s replacement.

Update (22/01/2013) – Confirmed that Big Z has pulled out.

The ASC website has confirmed nine of the ten competitors of the Arnold Strongman Classic 2013, starting on March 1st. The line-up is as follows:

  1. Mikhail Koklyaev (Russia)
  2. Zydrunas Savickas (Lithuania) ** Pulled out **
  3. Mark Felix (United Kingdom) ** Big Z’s replacement **
  4. Vytautas Lalas (Lithunia)
  5. Brian Shaw (United States)
  6. Mike Burke (United States)
  7. Adam Scherr (United States)
  8. Derek Poundstone (United States)
  9. Thor Bjornsson (Iceland)
  10. Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland)
  11. Jerry Pritchett (United States) ** Winner of All-American Strongman at the LA Fit Expo **

As winner of ASC 2012, Mike Jenkins was invited until he had to pull out due to injury. The 10th spot shall be awarded to the winner of the All-American Strongman contest at the 2013 FitExpo in Los Angeles.


There are four events this year:

The Austrian Oak

We will use two logs. The “Small” log will weigh between 374 pounds (170 kg) and 385 pounds (175 kg); The “Large” log will weigh between 441 pounds (200 kg) and 452 pounds. The challenge to the athletes will be to take the log from the platform and lift it to arms’ lift overhead for as many repetitions as possible in 90 seconds.

Manhood Stones

We will use two round stones, and will begin with the heaviest stone (approximately 245 kg or 540 pounds). All men can try to lift the stone over a bar no higher than 125 cm or 49″ (same for both stones) as many times as possible in 60 seconds.

Tire Deadlift

The tires on a new Hummer weigh approximately 100 pounds (45 kg) each, and the lightest weight available to our competitors will be a bit over 600 pounds (270 kg). By adding barbell plates and additional tires, we can increase the weight of the bar in increments of between ten and twenty pounds (five and ten kg) so the competitors can take what they want as the weight on the bar goes up. Each man will have three attempts, and we will use the “round” system, in which the lightest first attempt will be done first, followed by the next heaviest, and so on.

Circus Dumbbell

Competitors will have 1.5 minutes (90 seconds) from the time their name is announced and the whistle has blown to lift the Bell from the floor to overhead as many repetitions as possible.