105kg World’s Strongest Man

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United Strongmen have announced they are to hold their inaugural u105kg World’s Strongest Man competition in Finland this year. Set to take place during the Fitnesstukku Power Weekend in October/November the contest will be joined by the Strongman Fitness European Championships (under 175lb/80kg).

Although we’re glad to see more strongman competitions, we hope the introduction of another u105kg World’s Strongest Man doesn’t cause too much confusion! Last year saw a World’s competition held in Norway that was – suspiciously – dominated by the Norwegians. Controversy also surrounded the selection process, with some countries sporting three or more athletes while others didn’t get a single representative.

On reflection, United Strongman’s competition has to be better than last years. We’re looking forward to it.

Competitor details and events will be updated as and when they are available.


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