Glenn Ross

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  • Nationality: British
  • Height: 1.85m
  • Weight: 185kg

Glenn Ross, otherwise known as “The Daddy”, is an old-school, brute-strength strongman. Never one for the delicate touch or perfect technique, Glenn relied on sheer power and size to claim his multiple UK’s Strongest Man titles.

For pure power Ross was widely perceived as the Big Z of his day, proving to be an insurmountable opponent at the Arnold Strongman Classic 2005 on the static events, claiming victory – and world records – in the hummer deadlift and dumbbell press.

A little known fact is that Ross started his career as a bodybuilder, sporting an excellent fake tan and very low body fat. It stayed that way until

The Daddy is still involved in the strongman scene today,  organising and presenting UK’s Strongest Man in 2012. The rumour mill is alive with whispers of a Rocky-esque return but we fear it’ll be to powerlifting rather than the sport that made him famous.

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