Nick Best

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  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 1.87m
  • Weight: 143kg

Prior to strongman, Nick Best was a world-class powerlifter in the 125kg weight category. His strongman career to date has seen him compete in both the World’s Strongest Man and Arnold Strongman Classic, with a best performance of sixth place in WSM 2010. Although he could not place within the top of the ranks in the WSM, Best won the 2010 All-American Strongman challenge.

Unsurprisingly for an ex-powerlifter, Best excels at the squat and deadlift in the strongman competitions. However, perhaps unexpectedly, Nick considers his favourite events to be The Yoke and Farmer’s Walk , a far cry from his static strength roots.

Most recent achievement: Best’s most recent achievement is in 2017 when he placed in the top 10 within The World’s Strongest Man competition.

Based in Las Vegas and now in his fifties, Best is proof that older strongmen can still be competitive and from the looks of it, he is excelling within his passionate event which is The Farmer’s Walk. Let’s hope he is still going in his sixties!

Here is some footage of Nick Best training for The Farmers Walk in his home country of America. Although this was not done within a strongman event, this clip shows Best’s power while carrying 385.5Kg of weight within a Farmers Walk:

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title="Nick Best" playlist_yt="wSo30VJ-joU, V6uG37re1LM, IXMS1YpbZhI, lO1AkzGpkJw, zTrE_EKZPTw, nS5V0Gr519I, StfHBRDC_eA, MRpfa-HkC64, WO9ATs5Mljk, 4jaB3cZVQYw" playlist_auto_play="0"]

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