Truck Pull

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The truck pull is a signature World’s Strongest Man event. If you ask the average man on the street what a strongman is they’ll likely reply along the lines of “They pull trucks and stuff, right?”. Damn right they do, heavy ones too! The truck pull is as simple as it sounds – the strongman is attached to a harness that is in turn connected to a truck. Then, with or without the guidance of a rope for the athlete to pull on, the strongman must complete a set distance as quickly as possible.

Whilst most tv commentators (in the UK at least) are almost painfully clueless when it comes to strongman technique they’ll usually manage to nail, and repeatedly mention, the importance of staying low. A strongman whose body is almost parallel to the ground will be able to exert greater force through their legs, helping the truck get started and hopefully keep it going!

The start of the truck pull is the hardest – persuading a heavy ass truck to start moving from a standstill is no easy task. Once the truck is moving it is essential that the strongman keeps momentum – its a rare sight to see someone restart a truck once it stops for a second time.

The biggest, heaviest strongmen are usually the people who excel at this event. The heavier the athlete the easier is it for them to lean against the weight of the truck and get it moving. Mariuszwas an exception to this rule but then, he is an exception to most!


We think the current Guinness World Record belongs to an Australian strongman called Derek Boyer – pulling a 51,840kg truck down a 100ft course. But, as you may imagine, different courses (some flat, some uneven) and differently weighted trucks make it difficult to know who the best truly. Terry Hollands of England is often cited as one of the favourites coming into the truck pull – so an hournable shout out to him.

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