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The squat is considered amongst many as the ultimate lift. It is a great training tool that should play a large part in any strongman’s arsenal. Suprisingly, it’s not that common in strongman competitions. The concept is simple – a heavy weight across your back has to be squatted down (usually to parallel) and back up. The event can be for maximum repetitions within a timeframe or for the heaviest weight.

Depending on the rules of the competition, the strongmen may be able to use various different bits of kit to assist them. Some competitions allow knee wraps, that provide support and allow the athlete to lift more. Other competitors may also allow a squat suit – a carryover from powerlifting – that supports the competitors entire body and allows them to lift considerably more.


The world record squat, allowing only knee-wraps, is a mighty 477.5 kg held by American Ray Williams.

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