Thor Bjornsson: Scottish warrior?

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If you follow Icelandic strongman Thor on facebook you’ll be well aware that the guy gets around – he is always posting up videos and pictures from his worldwide travels. His latest jaunt appears to have been to the Highland Games in (no, oddly not Scotland) New Hampshire. We don’t know the calibre of athletes who compete there but Thor looks like me more or less obliterated the field.

Bjornsson broke not one but three world records:

Weight over bar (22.5kg/56lbs) – new record height of 5.84m/19’2″

220kg/484lb Jon Pall Sigmarrson Stone carry – new record distance of 79m/258ft

Keg toss for height – afraid we, rather uselessly, don’t have the height nor the weight of the keg! This would however be a Highland Games record rather than a strongman one.


Not bad for a days work, eh?

You can keep up to date with Thor on facebook and twitter.


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