Terry Hollands returns to training

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Following Terry’s unfortunate bicep injury at last year’s World’s Strongest Man there has been much doubt surrounding his return to the sport. Although Hollands is yet to confirm whether he’ll be aiming for the WSM 2013 finals (which would, incidentally,  be his EIGHTH appearance at the finals!) we’re glad to see him return to the gym.

We still think there’s life in the old dog yet (no offence, Terry!) and would love to see him back on the strongman scene. There’s definitely podium potential if he manages to have an injury free year.

Check out his training this week below. We’d be pretty happy with a gym sesh like this, not least following an injury induced layoff!

285kg squat with pink shoes (borrowed from Mike Jenkins?)

310kg deadlift x 3 – mixed grip, suggesting Terry’s bicep is feeling better!

80kg overhead, neutral grip with bands (speed work)

160kg speed squats, 8 sets

220kg bench (with board)