Competing in Strongman

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So you’ve seen it on TV, maybe even had a go at a few of the events down the gym but how, you ask, do you get involved in strongman competitions?

Weight Classes

There are a growing number of weight classes that you can choose to compete in. Under 90kg, under 105kg and open classes are the most prevalent but both lighter and heavier classes are beginning to emerge. Most national and high-level competitions now operate a day-before weigh in. This has led to athletes dehydrating to make weight and often competing the next day 5-10kg heavier. However, don’t worry! Most amateur and lower-level competitions have same-day weigh ins, meaning you’ll be competing against similarly heavy people.


You’ve probably got a good idea of the type of event you’ll find in a strongman competition. We have a growing directory of events on the site (here) that provides guidance and advice. It is entirely at the promoter’s discretion as to what events are included and, although most competitions will aim to have a fair mix of events that test different skills, don’t expect this to always be the case.

Am I good enough?

This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on the type and weight of the events and the calibre of the other competitors. As a general rule of thumb, if you think you could make a fair attempt at each event (1 rep+ on the opening weight) then give it a go! One of the best ways to learn is to compete. In strongman especially the community is very supportive and, even if you finish dead last, you’ll go home with a bunch of help and guidance as to how improve your training for next time.

Where to find competitions?

Unfortunately, there is no worldwide governing body for strongman and so competitions are often arranged haphazardly. The USA is probably the most structured system, overseen by North American Strongman. If you live elsewhere you can check out our growing database of strongman competitions. If you can’t find a local competition listed then resort to Google and word of mouth – if you do find something please consider adding it to our database so that others can benefit too!

How to qualify for World’s Strongest Man

Steady on! First you want to learn about amateur competitions and now you want to play with the big boys?! World’s Strongest Man qualification is done through a series of international events under the “Giants Live” guise. That’s simple enough, but then you have to qualify for a giants live competition too. This process can vary, sometimes countries will have qualifiers for the Giant’s Live events, whilst at other times they work on an “invite-only” basis. In the second instance, this means that unless you have proven your worth in other competitions and attracted the attention of the Giants Live promoters, you’re out of luck!


Have any tips for budding strongmen or are you new yourself and need a bit more guidance? Comment below!