Strongman roundup – May 2014

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Whilst the editorial team have been off on holiday a lot has happened in the world of Strongman. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Big Z broke the World Record for the Log Press with a lift of 227kg/500lb.


Graham Hicks has shown he has Big Z’s record firmly in his sights with a 180kg one-motion log press lift:

In preparation for the Strongman deadlift championships happening as a precursor to the Europe’s Strongest Man competition in England, Brian Shaw has been showing off his 15″ deadlift skills – 445kg/981lb for 2 reps!

Martin Wildauer’s looking good for the deadlift competition too with this double overhand 418kg/921lb deadlift.

And, whilst we have no idea what on earth he is saying, if you want to look at Misha’s face for a bit as he wanders around the gym, knock yourself out: