Strongman Bodypower expo interviews

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The self-proclaimed (and as far as we know, unamiously accepted) voice of strongman, Martin Cee, went along to the Bodypower expo in Birmingham, England last weekend and got some cracking interviews with some top names in strongman.

First up is Martin vs Big Z. Good ol’ Z looks a little confused by Martin’s¬†cockneyness:

Next up a short but sweet (and funny!) chat with Eddie Hall:

Martin also took the time to chat with Giants Live organisers Colin Bryce and semi-retired strongman Darren Sadler:

The hero of old Svend Karlsen also got a good talking to:

Last but not least is a catchup with British strongman Rob Frampton


Our thanks to Martin Cee for a continuingly impressive job of bringing strongman into the limelight! Be sure to follow him on twitter for his latest updates.