America’s Strongest Man 2013 – Results

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Friday 27th September and Saturday 28th saw the top US strongmen battle it out for the title of America’s Strongest Man 2013 (ASM2013). With the American’s having put in an awesome performance at this year’s WSM, the lineup was looking strong:

  • Derek DeVaugn
  • Robert Oberst
  • Brian Shaw
  • Heath Allison
  • Mike Caruso
  • Grant Higa
  • Tomes Rodriquez
  • Matt Dawson
  • Mike Burke
  • Carl Foemel
  • Marshall White
  • Andrew Palmer
  • Mike Jenkins
  • Jacob Bodi
  • Eric Dawson
  • Dimitar Savatinov
  • Bradford Dunn
  • Nick Best

The events and results were as follows:

Day 1:

Max log press (floor to overhead): Log press: joint 1st with 430lb were Caruso, Oberst and Dimitar. Next on 410lb was Shaw and Burke.

950lb/430kg yoke: Best 12.22, Palmer 15.97, Dawson 18.31, Bodi 22.45, White 22.45,  Higa 23.19, Coy 33.44.

Giant wheelbarrow load and carry: Burke won but injured his finger and withdrew from the competition.

Atlas stones (over yoke): Shaw was the only athlete to finish. Palmer was second with 2 stones in 19.80 secs

Day 2:

Keg clean and press medley: Brian won in 43.37 seconds with Oberst in second with a time of 46.69 seconds.

750lb/340kg deadlift for reps:  1st Shaw with 6 reps, 2nd Foemmel with 5 reps, joint 3rd Oberst, Palmer and Dimitar with 4 reps, 2 reps for Tomas in and 1 rep for Coy.

Giant farmers walk: Nick Best won the farmers walk in 39.94 seconds, Palmer came second with 44.53 seconds and Dawson was third in 52.46 seconds. Surprisingly, no-one else was able to complete the distance!

“Suicide” medley: We don’t know what it involved, but understand Shaw won!

America’s Strongest Man 2013 is Brian Shaw! Top three strongmen were:

  1. Brian Shaw (no surprise there!)
  2. Robert Oberst
  3. Dimitar Savitino

Our thanks to American Strongman for the photo and their twitter feed for the results.


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