Frame Carry

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The frame carry is a test of speed, grip and, of course, strength. The height of the frame handles can vary, but the competitor begins by performing a side-handled deadlift to get the frame off the ground. The strongman must then cover a distance as fast as possible or continue going for a maximum distance, depending on the rules of the event.

With the weight of the frame going up to and beyond 400kg it can be difficult to lift the frame off the floor, let alone move with it. But despite this it is usually the grip aspect of the event that most competitors struggle with. A typical strongman competition can involve a multitude of events that push grip strength to the limit. By the time the frame carry comes around competitors often have torn callouses and bandaged hands – making holding onto the frame an impossible ask.


Different frame weights and course distances have made having an official record difficult. So, for the moment at least, there is nothing to see here!

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