Fingal’s Finger

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Named after Fingal, a mythical hunter-warrior, the event requires athletes to lift and flip a number of steal poles. The poles begin on the floor with one end attached to a pivot. The strongman usually deadlifts the finger from the floor before getting it to shoulder height or overhead. The athlete then moves down the pole towards the base of the pivot until they’re in a position whereby they can flip the finger over.

The unique equipment required makes the event difficult to train for, which is unfortunate as it is heavily dependant on technique. Brute strength may get 1 or 2 repetitions but without the correct technique athletes are usually left too drained to reach a winning number.

The Final’s finger can be used as a standalone event for maximum repetitions, or as a medley of multiple fingers of increasing weight. It’s also an interesting event to add into a medley of strongman lifts.


With no two fingers the same there aren’t any officially accepted Fingal’s Finger world records.

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