Travis Ortmayer

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  • Nationality:¬†American
  • Height:¬†1.91m
  • Weight:¬†140kg

Known as the Texas Stoneman, Ortmayer has, unsurprisingly, a particular liking for the atlas stones. But Travis is no one trick pony – he started off in bodybuilding, moved on to powerlifting and finally settled as a successful international strongman.

In recent history Ortmayer has been plagued with injury that has severely limited his potential. Injury forced him to retire from World’s Strongest Man 2011. Despite his low-profile in 2012, we suspect Travis hasn’t given up yet. Here’s hoping for a return to form and our television sets in the near future.

Even if Ortmayer isn’t destined for WSM success, he can still hold his head high with several atlas stone records. Good stuff.

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title="Travis Ortmayer" playlist_yt="F5JOyRGYj0s, leg1EE40hOs, Z-2CyTaWqgM, JGHtLA_sink, 0Sh5AMF1f5o, PsG50mTS_7Y, 7xjcZbfjvkA, 9BzdVBdFjN8, BDYrWAiTOes, bF8SKY3JjPQ" playlist_auto_play="0"]

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