Magnus Magnusson

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  • Nationality: Icelandic
  • Height: 1.91m
  • Weight: 130kg

A man with four World’s Strongest Man golds to his name and a further two silvers is one worthy of the history books. Magnusson dominated the sport in the early 1990s before retiring in 2008. He is now the owner of a gym in Reykjavikand, Iceland but often returns to the strongman scene to referee or commentate.

As well as winning the WSM competitions within the earlier days, this old school legend also won Iceland’s Strongest Man eight times between the years of 1988 and 2004. Although Magnusson retired as a strongman, he is looked at as an idol for the modern day strongmen and set the bar on what a true dedicated strongman should be able to achieve within their run!

Along with Mariusz, Jon Pall and Kazmaier; Magnus is considered one of the all-time great strongmen.

Most recent achievement: Magnus Magnusson’s most recent achievement was winning Iceland’s Strongest Man back in 2004. He was definitely the strongman of his time and set good examples for the modern day strongman!

The Legends of Strongman Challenge: Even though Magnusson retired from the strongman sport in 2008, he competed in a one-off event at The Giants Live Strongman Championships in 2019. He battled against fellow strongman legend Bill Kazmaier within the Hercules Hold event. This was spectacular to see two old school legends to come back in the light and battle for one last time. Within this event, the organisers reduced the weight of each pillar by 20kg, which, when thinking about the overall weight of the pillars, really wouldn’t make much difference. Magnusson shocked the crowed by achieving a time of 101.2 seconds holding these gigantic pillars from falling. While Kazmaier could only manage just over 18 seconds. This shows how dedicated and inspirational this old school strongman legend really is!

Here is the amazing footage of Magnusson and Kazmaier the old school legends, battling it out within The Hercules Hold:

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title="Magnus Magnusson" playlist_yt="iHxasKTpjSs, 22kznHAu-TA, 4R1yGDSrD0Q, ObU_6859Ejo, uo73gSP4cHk, EBeETOtIAZc, 8mx7QoZwDxU, 3Kb0GjgPk-o, rKqzy_Q13LY, YmqYo5ijcwI" playlist_auto_play="0"]

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