Bill Kazmaier

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  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 1.91m
  • Weight: 160kg

Born in 1953, and long since retired, Bill is one of the greats of the strongman sport. Not only did he hold the title of World’s Strongest Man three times, Kazmaier was also a world champion powerlifter and professional wrestler. Not a guy to mess with!

There is much speculation that, had Kazmaier continued to compete during the period in which he was allegedly banned from WSM (for apparently being too dominant), he would hold the record for the most WSM wins.

Bill returned to WSM in 1988 but was narrowly beaten to his fifth title by Jon Pall. The following year Bill was injured in competition and subsequently retired. Kazmaier still plays a predominate role in strongman and is often seen commentating for American TV audiences.

Most recent achievement: Bill Kazmaier’s most recent achievement was his noticeable win within The World’s Strongest Man competition in 1982. Although Bill has been retired for many years now, he can still sit back and relax knowing that in his time he managed to achieve this great title of first place.

The Legends of Strongman Challenge: In 2019 Bill came back into the light with his fellow old school strongman Magnus Magusson, to perform one last time at the Giants Live Strongman competition. These two old school competitors battled it out within The Hercules Hold event. 20Kg was taken off of each pillar within this event, but due to how heavy these pillars actually are, 20Kg would not have made much of a difference! Bill managed to hold these majorly heavy pillars up for over 18seconds! For an old school strongman to be competing in such a modern day event, this was not bad at all. Unfortunately for Bill, his fellow legend Magusson took the win with an astonishing 101.2 second hold which is very impressive. But still regardless of who won, this old school legend coming back to compete here just goes to show you are never too old when you’re a strongman legend!

Here is the amazing footage of these great legends performing within the Hercules Hold event:

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title="Bill Kazmaier" playlist_yt="G30w1ohpIjo, Q345H1vra-M, iHxasKTpjSs, wfBb24OQjLs, rbdVufa2bRE, uTsV9RTLsZc, 8-ZgNucnmlg, qItCmqERzJI, wJ1LrBy6tWc, oopAtA_Q8R4" playlist_auto_play="0"]


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