Joshua Thigpen

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  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 1.96m
  • Weight: 140kg

Unlike many strongmen, Josh didn’t come into the sport from powerlifting or athletics but instead aspired to be a strongman from the get-go, having been inspired by Bill Kazmaier when he was twelve. He has since managed an impressive three World’s Strongest Man appearances. A fourth WSM was on the cards for 2012 until an unfortunate injury led to him pulling out.

Joshua has been on the strongman scene for a while now but has yet managed to achieve the glory of a podium position at international level. If he can stay injury free he may continue to qualify for WSM. Fingers crossed that he keeps trying rather than turning to the dark side and taking up MMA which is something Thigpen expressed as an option within an interview in February 2012.

For many years now, Joshua has not been seen taking part within these strongman events since his last event in 2011. In 2012 Joshua qualified for the WSM competition, but could not proceed due to a bicep tear! Maybe he has follow his dark side to the world of MMA, but rumour has it, Joshua is training other upcoming strongmen and has created a type of training for these strongmen called “The Cube Method”.

Joshua has since competed in The World’s Strongest Logger Competition and is said to have flew through these events. Whether Joshua will one day return to the strongman sport is anyone’s guess.

Most recent achievement: Joshua’s most recent achievement within the world of the strongman sport is placing 2nd within the Chinas Strongest Man competition, which is incredible considering he is still recovering from his bicep tear (hence the left arm bicep tendon brace). Here is the footage from this event which unfortunately is not with English audio, but you can still see Joshua battling it out within this event:

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title="Joshua Thigpen" playlist_yt="LEBkAQpOv6o, Sfrhl1iNa8w, WMhZdirxgY8, VaBs5xj_Mc4, 22UOT8pM7mc, FUOezs04OlE, 8n9Qc6Tbqko, AxApjFXtdwE, zdqpmq4pSNc, L_jdeNJb4sA" playlist_auto_play="0"]

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