Vytautas Lalas Unprecedented Stats – Meal and Workout Plan Beyond Limits

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  • Nationality: Lithuanian
  • Height: 1.78m
  • Weight: 147kg

Vytautas Lalas is known as “The Lithuanian Hulk”. 2012 had been the year of the Lalas and 2013 went his way too. Early in 2012 saw Vytautas secure second place at Europe’s Strongest Man, beating Terry Hollands in the process. In October 2012 Lalas managed another second, this time at the World’s Strongest Man. The start of 2013 saw Lalas claim the title at the Arnold Strongman Classic, albiet in Big Z‘s absence. Also in 2013, he won the FIBO Strongman Champions League. Lalas has successfully proven that you don’t need to be a giant to be competitive. It gives hope to all the shorties (relatively speaking) that they can hold their own with the likes of the towering Brian Shaw.

In 2014 Lalas went on to place 4th within The Arnold Strongman Classic and in 2016 he managed to claim himself a 3rd place position within this same event. Looking overall it looked like Lalas was progressing up the score boards year after year but unfortunately, he did not have it in him to climb any higher. This may be due to his back problems that occurred within 2014-2016 and it was reported that in 2017 these back problems only got worse.

Lalas traditionally had a reputation of being a static monster, losing points on the events requiring speed and endurance. His recent performances show that this is no longer the case. As an interesting aside, according to Wikipedia the man currently resides in Dublin, Ireland where he runs a gym.

Most recent achievement: Vytautas Lalas’s most recent achievement was his win at The Arnold Strongman Classic competition in 2013. Since he also come 3rd within the 2016 competition, Lalas has been of the scene, it seems that his back problems might have got the better of him.

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Here is a clip of Lalas deadlifting at The Arnold Strongman classic in 2016, although he was suffering with back problems around this time, it doesn’t look like it with this clean lift: