Brian Shaw Strongman Stats: Height, Weight and Strength Workout

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  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 2.03m
  • Weight: 193kg

Brian Shaw was the winner of World’s Strongest Man 2011, lost some ground in 2012 and dominated the stage with another victory in 2013. He is a general behemoth of a man. As to be expected of an exceptionally tall American, basketball was Shaw’s first port of call before beginning his career in strongman in 2005. Shaw seems to harness all the advantages that being tall garners – including being excellent at the Atlas Stones – yet somehow overcomes the things where height should put him at a disadvantage. Shaw’s deadlift is ridicoulously good. So good in fact that he beat Big Z in the event at WSM 2013. Although he doesn’t have a Log Press that rivals Z or Lalas yet – he hasn’t far off. We have our suspicions that Shaw might actually be a mutant – beyond a certain point people become just too good.

Shaw always comes across as a very personable man in interviews and lives up to the stereotype of a gentle giant. But this relaxed attitude shouldn’t be mistaken for a weakness. Shaw is strong all-round, excelling at both moving and static events.

Visibly and vocally annoyed by his performance at 2011’s Arnold Strongman Classic shaw approached WSM 2012 with an eye on the title – on the day, Big Z proved too good an opponent but Brian put in a solid performance, finishing in fourth.

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Brian Shaw Strength Workout Plan

Brian Shaw, the dominant force in strongman competitions, is known for his exceptional strength, towering height, and versatile skill set. If you’re inspired by Shaw’s impressive performances and want to develop similar strength, here’s a glimpse into Brian Shaw’s strength workout plan:

  1. Deadlifts: Brian Shaw’s deadlift is legendary, and it’s a cornerstone of his training. Incorporate heavy deadlifts into your workout routine to build lower body and posterior chain strength. Focus on proper form and gradually increase the weight over time. Include variations like conventional deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, and deficit deadlifts to target different muscle groups and improve overall pulling power.
  2. Squats: Develop lower body strength and power by including squats in your training program. Back squats, front squats, and box squats are excellent squat variations to target different muscle groups and improve overall leg strength. Focus on maintaining proper form and gradually increase the weight as your strength progresses.
  3. Overhead Press: Strong shoulders and upper body strength are essential in strongman competitions. Include overhead pressing exercises like military presses, push presses, and log presses to develop shoulder stability and pressing power. Work on both seated and standing variations to improve overall strength and balance.
  4. Atlas Stones: The Atlas Stones event is one of Brian Shaw’s strengths. Incorporate Atlas Stone training into your routine to improve your stone loading technique and overall strength. Start with lighter stones and gradually increase the weight as you develop the necessary skill and strength. Focus on explosive power and proper lifting technique.
  5. Farmer’s Walk: The Farmer’s Walk is a classic strongman event that tests grip strength and overall endurance. Include Farmer’s Walks in your training routine using heavy dumbbells or farmer’s walk handles. Focus on maintaining a solid grip, good posture, and walking with heavy weights for distance or time.
  6. Tire Flips: Tire flips are a great full-body exercise that mimics the challenges faced in strongman competitions. Find a heavy tractor tire and practice flipping it explosively. Focus on using your entire body, including your legs, hips, and upper body, to generate power and complete the flip.
  7. Car Deadlifts: Car deadlifts are another common event in strongman competitions. If you have access to a car deadlift apparatus, incorporate it into your training routine. Focus on explosive leg drive and upper body strength to lift and hold the car for a specific duration or repetition range.
  8. Grip Strength Training: Strong grip strength is essential in strongman events. Incorporate grip-specific exercises like plate pinches, wrist curls, and thick bar holds to improve your grip strength and endurance. Focus on developing a strong and reliable grip to excel in events that require holding onto heavy objects.
  9. Core and Back Training: A strong core and back are vital for stability and overall strength in strongman events. Include exercises like planks, Russian twists, weighted back extensions, and rows to develop a strong and stable midsection. Strengthening your core and back muscles will enhance your performance in various strongman events.
  10. Conditioning and Cardio: Strongman competitions require endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Include cardiovascular exercises like running, rowing, or cycling to improve your stamina and overall conditioning. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can also be beneficial for simulating the intense bursts of effort required in strongman events.

Remember that Brian Shaw’s strength workout plan is tailored to his strengths, goals, and competitive requirements. Adjust the volume, intensity, and exercise selection based on your own capabilities and training goals. As you progress, consider working with a qualified coach or trainer to ensure safe and effective training.