Terry Hollands strongman training


Terry recently confirmed he was going for another shot at the World’s Strongest Man title this year, much to the joy of his army of fans. He has been a busy bee of late and posting up some impressive lifts.

First up we have pull-ups with an additional 40kg of weight. When you factor in Terry’s 168kg bodyweight this becomes hugely impressive – we’re not sure there’s an official world record for the pull-up but we’ve not seen anything heavier on youtube!

Next is an easy 230kg front squat with just knee sleeves and a belt. We understand Terry’s been working on his flexibility but hasn’t quite progressed to an olympic style clean grip for the heavy front squats yet – keep at it Terry!

Finally we have a couple of reps on a 100kg dumbbell. Terry stated on Sugden Barbell’s forum that:

I have 12 weeks to be doing 130 so got some work to do

That extra 30kg will make a world of difference but if his strength and technique continue to improve there’s no reason to doubt he’ll get there!