Mark Felix Winter Strongman Training

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British strongman Mark Felix has posted up his new approach to strongman training on youtube (see below).

Following an injury in 2012 that led to Mark not qualifying for the World’s Strongest Man, it seems the strongman has adopted a more cardio-intensive workout to aid his recovery.

As you’ll see in the video, Felix does the following routine almost continuously in just less than 12 minutes:

  1. 60m jog followed by ten clean & presses on an axle
  2. 60m jog followed by weird front press up, back press up, front press up x 3
  3. 30m 75kg stone carry x 3
  4. Stone over yoke, carry the yolk to where the stone falls for 60m
  5. 60m Mat drag (grip training)
  6. 110kg sand bag press and catch x 10 followed by a 60m jog
  7. Sack twists on the floor

It looks like a pretty decent conditioning session to us. However, fellow British strongman Terry Hollands made a comment on an online forum, stating:

Strongman events are anaerobic, training for long periods makes it an aerobic exercise. IMO it’s better to work at 60 secs at maximum effort rather than 3-4mins at 70%

Although graciously added:

Maybe ill be proved wrong come end of January at the fitexpo though

What are your thoughts? Is this kind of prolonged event-based conditioning a worthwhile addition to Strongman training?