London’s Strongest Man

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On 4th May 2013, London played host to a Giants’ Live qualifier with some of the top open-weight strongmen in England all vying for the spot and the chance to compete on the international playing field with world class strongmen.

Event 1 – 250kg squat for repetitions in 60 seconds

Only belt and wraps were allowed for this event and, after 11 competitors had been, an impressive 8 reps was leading the runnings. That was until the lightest man competing stepped up to the platform. An eye-watering 12 reps by Ben Kelsey at less than 115kg bodyweight saw him secure victory with Rob Frampton taking second place with 9 repetitions.

Event 2 – Farmer’s hold – 155kg per hand

The Farmer’s hold sailed by with many of the leaders after event 1 scoring badly in this grip intensive event. Frampton ended his day early after dropping one of the objects on his foot – ouch!

Event 3 – 125kg log press for repetitions in 60 seconds

From floor to overhead as many times as possible. This event was a real lung buster. Luke Fullbrook came out with 7 reps that many, including himself, thought would secure him victory. However, big man Lloyd Renals smashed out 9 one-motion repetitions to take the lead.

Event 4 – 130kg atlas stones to shoulder for reps

This event has been long since forgotten by many but made a come back at London’s Strongest Man courtesy of Giants’ Live organiser Colin Bryce. Many of the athletes were unsure as to technique but Renals used his awesome size and strength to reach six good lifts and get another event win – albeit joint with two other competitors.

Event 5 – 270kg deadlift for repetitions in 60 seconds

The final event of the day and another rep-based event! No suits allowed for this one – belt and straps only. Going into the event it was Renals or Kelsey for the victory and both men were willing to battle to the bitter end. Kelsey managed a magnificent 11 reps further proving you don’t have to be the biggest to be the strongest but Renals 10 reps was just enough to secure him an overall victory on points.

Lloyd Renal’s performance is in the video below, followed by Ben Kelsey’s repfest on the squat and deadlift.




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