Interview with Brian Shaw

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MHP have published an interview they did with Brian Shaw shortly after the Arnold Strongman Classic earlier this year (and so before the World’s Strongest Man) competition. It’s quite a nice insight, check it out below:

It has however been met with a level of controversy – check out one or two of the youtube comments and the Sugden Barbell forum thread on the video. Lots of people are commenting that Brian comes across big-headed (figuratively – I think we all know the man’s actual head is rather large). Brian’s comments that he is a legend of (equal?) calibre to Big Z and the fact that he isn’t fond of the chap seem to have caused the bulk of the backlash.

On the other side of the fence, everyone who has actually met Brian were quick to come to his defence on Sugden Barbell’s forum. Certainly of the videos we’ve seen, Brian comes across as a nice guy and we don’t see any issue with a little bit of self-belief.

As to Brian not liking Big Z – not everyone will get along. We’d imagine there’d be no dispute that both athletes have a great deal of respect for each other regardless as to whether they’d want to exchange friendship bracelets.

Have a watch of the video and share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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