Great British Deadlifting

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Great Britain has been producing a lot of strongman talent as late and an almost universal strength of these athletes is their deadlift.

First and foremost we have Mark Felix – world reknown for his massive deadlift and awesome grip (for the purposes of this article, we’ll gloss over his Grenadian¬†roots!). Unfortunately there are no recent videos of his epic deadlift feats, having been injured last year. However, we’re expecting big things in 2013 and while you’re waiting enjoy this one handed feat from a few of years ago:

Terry Hollands and Laurence Shalalei are joint British record holders for the deadlift having lifted 432.5kg¬†at Britain’s Strongest Man. Both athletes have been recently injured but are on the road to recovery, having posted these little beauties to youtube in the last couple of weeks:

Terry – 360kg. Following a bicep tear and an apparant loss of weight (he’s looking rather trim!), the video clip below shows he’s healing well.

Loz – 350kg for two reps. No time for fancy pants suits in this one, a confident lift.

Jack McIntosh, a relative new boy on the Strongman scene, has – as with most British strongman this year – been recovering from injury. I think most of us would be pretty stoked with 320kg x 3 on a good day. The fact Jack manages this with ease whilst recovering from a hamstring injury is ridiciously impressive.

So, what exactly is it that makes Great Britain produce great deadlifters? Post your thoughts below.