Big Loz answers…


…everything. The man has been on a Q&A binge of late.

Starting off with a regular question and answer session on his youtube account:


0:21 How often should you max out on a lift?
2:38 What type of shoes are best for strongman training?
5:19 How often should I train for optimum results?
9:25 Any tips to improve my Farmers Walk and Yoke?


0:24 Why do you sometimes represent Iran when you compete?
1:45 How long before a competition should I stop training? When should I start training again after a competition?
4:00 What’s the most effective way of warming up for my working sets?
6:13 Why is cardio and conditioning important in strongman? + exercise ideas


00:20 How to I warm up for a competition and what do I eat on the day?
05:32 What are your plans for the next 12 months?
07:28 Who’s your favourite strongman of all time?
09:21 What’s Z like?
09:50 How can I train grip strength?

Then, as if three excellent videos weren’t enough he went and took the risk of an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. Enjoy the read here.