Car Walk

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A similar discipline to the yolk, the car walk requires a competitior to clamber inside a hollowed out car, stick their head out through the sun roof and run it down the course shouting “yabba dabba doo!”. Not everyone makes it look as easy as Fred Flintstone.


Without a standardised or accepted car to carry there aren’t any records of any real meaning for this event. But we don’t think that matters as it’s still great to watch.

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title="Car Walk" playlist_yt="JpHMh0Yt-94, sNz-8KwHry4, 6HxiSIP5LUM, gjCAzdzw0iI, 7aXOaVa22Q0, IhBu-M8TPPs, StwJhCfEnVI, ZATc_wucB9o, TAB7oOUx76Q, RDbQRfzduD0" playlist_auto_play="0"]


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