Arm over Arm

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The concept is simple – using a rope the strongman must pull a heavy arse object down a course as fast as possible. Unlike a conventional truck pull, arm over arm requires the competitor to be stationary, sat with their feat against a solid base.

Although on first inspection you may think arm over arm would be heavily dependent on bicep/tricep strength, it is actually leg and grip strength that are most important. Most strongmen will bend at the knees, pull the rope taut and perform a movement similar to a leg press. As legs are generally a lot stronger than arms it allows the athlete to exert more force on the object their pulling. Unfortunately this means the strongman’s grip soon becomes the weakest link – these ropes don’t tend to be hand friendly!


As with many of the strongman events, there is no accepted standard for an arm-over-arm. Every competition will have athletes pulling different objects, from cars to tyres to tractors. On top of this the distance the object has to be moved will vary too. As such, no official records exist just yet – sorry!

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