Vasyl Virastyuk

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  • Nationality: Ukrainian
  • Height: 1.91m
  • Weight: 145kg

First place in 2004 World’s Strongest Man, third the year before and runner up at several Arnold Strongman Classics gives Vasyl a decent pedigree. He was also the first man to win both Met-RX and IFSA World’s Strongest Man titles – a feat only since matched by Big Z.

Originally a shot put thrower like Geoff Capes, Vasyl moved onto Strongman in the search of a better paid sport. An interesting interview – in English – can be found on a Ukrainian website, here.

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title="Vasyl Virastyuk" playlist_yt="aiqwJsgVXNg, o-64kBZ8mLI, PBuMaBnsIfM, tQySAjDLUhg, mh_z-DN8rPg, MgpmsFnQAP4, V5mR2GA6c4o, wvIiZUtEbsU, qQmQpXoYuR8, DPS1udTsj1k" playlist_auto_play="0"]

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