Mikhail Koklyaev

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  • Nationality: Russian
  • Height: 1.93m
  • Weight: 160kg

Known to his friends, and those that can’t spell his name, as Misha, this man is a true strongman. He is a Champion Olympic weightlifter, champion powerlifter and a pretty decent strongman to say the least! Misha’s first and foremost passion has always been weightlifting, but after an unfortunate turn of events that lead to him being overseen for the London 2012 Olympics, he has been concentrating his focus towards the strongman sport.

Misha is not only incredibly strong statically but athletic too. Strongman-wise, his only downfall has been his continued dedication to Olympic lifting, leaving little to no time for much needed technique work to master these weird and wonderful strongman events. The silver-lining of Misha missing the Olympics is that he is now committing more time to strongman, something that many people are incredibly happy about!

Misha has had some incredible wins within The Strongman Champions League, these include; Finland in 2008, Serbia and the Netherlands in 2009, Germany and Finland in 2010 and Poland and Russia in 2012!

If you’ve never watched Koklyaev compete you’re in for a treat. By far the most charismatic of the current crop of strongman, he competes with a smile and is always up for a laugh. A short hunt on YouTube will find some fantastic showmanship, our favourite is the video where Misha jerks two fully grown men overhead while they dangle from a barbell!

Most recent achievement: Mikhail Koklyaev’s most recent achievement is his win within The Deadlift event at The World’s Strongest Man competition in 2018. He was battling Mateusz Kieliszkowski and although it was a good battle, Misha came out on top!

Here is the footage of Misha in battle within his deadlift event in 2018:

Also here is the clip that most of you will want to see of Misha overhead pressing the barbell with two grown guys hanging from either end:

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