Jon Pall Sigmarsson

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  • Nationality: Icelandic
  • Height: 1.91m
  • Weight: 133kg

You can’t ask for much more than a charismatic strongman who also lays claim to titles in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Pall was a great athlete to watch with an ever-entertaining on screen persona. He was part of a golden age of strongman with Geoff Capes and Bill Kazmaier.

Four World’s Strongest Man titles and a further three podium finishes means Jon Pall will go down in strongman history as one of the all-time greats. As well as winning the top WSM competitions four times, Pall also won Europe’s Strongest man twice and Iceland’s Strongest Man five times! Pall dwarfed the competition back in his day, he won his first competition in 1980 which was The NPF Nordic Powerlifting Championships. Even though this was a powerlifting competition rather than a strongman competition, his success carried through to strongman competitions in the 80s and 90s. In 1992 Pall won an astonishing 13 strongman competitions.

Pall sadly passed away in 1993 only one year after winning these 13 strongman events including; The Iceland’s Strongest Man competition. It has been stated that Pall had an Aortic Rupture while deadlifting in his own gym, called Gym 80. No-one would have thought, that it would have been while performing a deadlift, that Pall was sent to rest. Watching him within his events was inspirational and no one could have predicted that Pall would be coming to an end within his strongman career at the young age of 32!

Most recent achievement: Jon Pall’s most recent achievement has to be winning 13 strongman competitions in 1992! This was such an achievement after winning his last WSM competition in 1990. This was and has been an inspiration to not only strongmen, but powerlifts and bodybuilders too.

Jon Pall will be remembered as one of the greatest strongman legends who was robbed of his chance to go further and fully succeed within his career. R.I.P Jon Pall, although he is greatly missed by many, his legend will remain forever.

Check out some of Pall’s amazing videos from the 80s and 90s, he is an inspiration to many! Here we have some brief footage about the life of Jon Pall with his friends, family and trainers speaking about this great man:

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title="Jon Pall" playlist_yt="iFDZKSBjxks, C0lC7eRpD5A, 8tzouM3fWFw, I1Hx7GZByxk, wC0GIZcE4FA, oopAtA_Q8R4, saiI8kpP1Co, V9OqQCu5g6A, YjnmiLH3754, jZMmVxa1H04" playlist_auto_play="0"]


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