Jean-Francois Caron – From Stats to Stamina: Mastering the Strongman Workout for Success

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  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Height: 1.91m
  • Weight: 155kg

A hero in his home country of Canada, Jean-Francois has won his national strongman title nine times in a row, consecutively in 2011 to 2019. He also became North Americas Strongest Man in 2012. He isn’t too shabby on the international scene either, since 2015 he has made his way to the finals within the top 6, in The World’s Strongest Man competitions.

As well as competing in strongman, Caron is a keen powerlifter and holds the deadlift world record in the WPA Powerlifting Organisation with a pull of 390kg. Although a little short of the strongman world record it was likely done under much more stringent conditions than the “anything-goes” rules within the strongman events. He proved his worth during the WSM 2012 heats, roaring to victory in the car deadlift against seasoned strongman competitors.

Caron claimed his world record title within the Guinness Book of Records for turning a Volkswagen vehicle over a staggering 13 times in China. The previous record was 10 times by a German strong man. Also Caron has set another world record within The Tyre Flip event at The Arnold Strongman Classic in 2016. His record was flipping the heaviest tyre weighing 612Kg (1,350lbs), he managed to flip this tyre not only once but an impressive four times!

At 38 years of age Caron still has time to improve, with his first appearance in the World’s Strongest Man finals in 2012, and placing within the 2015-2019 competitions, we’re hoping there are more big things to come from this deadlifting monster within the near future!

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Most recent achievement: Caron’s most recent achievement is winning Canadas Strongest Man for the 9th time in a row! Let’s see if he can keep this winning streak going and gain his 10th win.

Here is the amazing footage of Caron flipping this humongous tyre four times! Although gaining this world record after the second flip, Caron showed great determination by not stopping there and managed to flip the tyre two more times, setting a high bar with this world record:

Jean-Francois Caron Workout for Success

In this section, we will delve into the workout routine that Jean-Francois Caron follows to prepare himself for the challenges he faces in strongman competitions.

  1. Strength Training: Caron’s training program revolves around building raw strength, which is crucial for excelling in strongman events. He incorporates a variety of compound exercises to target multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Some key components of his strength training routine include:
    • Deadlifts: Caron’s specialty, deadlifts help him develop tremendous lower body and back strength. He focuses on both conventional and sumo deadlift variations, progressively increasing the weight to build power and explosiveness.
    • Squats: Deep squats are integral for developing leg strength and stability. Caron incorporates both front squats and back squats into his routine, emphasizing proper form and gradually increasing the resistance.
    • Overhead Press: To excel in strongman events that involve overhead lifting, Caron emphasizes exercises like the military press, push press, and log press. These exercises target his shoulders, triceps, and core.
    • Farmer’s Walk: A staple in strongman training, the farmer’s walk helps improve grip strength, overall stability, and endurance. Caron often incorporates heavy dumbbells or farmer’s walk implements to challenge himself in this exercise.
  2. Event-Specific Training: Since strongman competitions involve a wide range of events, Caron incorporates specific exercises to train for each event he expects to encounter. This event-specific training allows him to hone his skills and technique. Some examples include:
    • Tire Flips: Caron’s world record in tire flipping highlights his prowess in this event. He incorporates tire flips into his training, progressively increasing the weight and focusing on explosive power.
    • Car Deadlift: Given his victory in the car deadlift event, Caron incorporates exercises that mimic this movement. He focuses on strengthening his lower back, glutes, and legs to excel in this particular event.
    • Atlas Stones: Caron practices lifting and loading atlas stones of varying weights to prepare for events that involve stone lifting. He works on improving his technique, grip strength, and overall power.
  3. Conditioning and Cardiovascular Training: While strength is paramount in strongman competitions, Caron recognizes the importance of cardiovascular endurance and overall conditioning. He incorporates high-intensity interval training (HIIT), sled pushes, and rowing exercises to improve his cardiovascular fitness and stamina.
  4. Recovery and Injury Prevention: Caron understands the significance of recovery in maintaining peak performance. He incorporates adequate rest days into his training schedule and prioritizes proper nutrition and sleep. Additionally, he pays close attention to injury prevention by incorporating mobility exercises, stretching, and foam rolling into his routine.