Strongman footwear


If you’re new to the strongman game a decent pair of trainers will be more than sufficient, but if you have a couple of competitions under your belt you might be thinking about the more subtle improvements you can make. Enter the footwear debate!

A good strongman will usually have a variety of footwear in their arsenal, each with their own event-specific advantages.


trainer Every good athlete needs a solid pair of trainers and strongmen are no exception. Trainers are good for moving events and a reliable fallback for anything else if you’re not quite ready to outdo the wife on the shoe count. However, pick your trainer with care! With thanks to reader Mike, who pointed out that regular athletic/running shoes can be too spongy for events such as Yoke or Farmer’s walk. He much prefers shoes such as the Adidas Samba or Puma Roma.

Weightlifting Shoes

weightliftingThis will be largely personal preference, but depending on how you lift you may want to invest in a pair of weightlifting shoes. Many strongmen rely on the heel to squat as well as for any overhead events such as log, axel and dumbbell.

Rock Climbing Shoes

amazon-rockNext time you catch World’s Strongest Man on television have a look at the shoe of choice for the truck pull. Without doubt 90% of the strongmen will be wearing a pair of rock climbing shoes. The grip is unrivalled making them essential for any dragging event.

Walking/Hiking Boots

hikingWalking boots can provide much needed ankle support for moving and carry events such as farmer’s walk or yoke – especially if the surface is uneven. Some athletes may find boots too cumbersome but to each their own!


While you could go for deadlifting plimsoles or chuck taylor’s, for many barefoot is the more popular choice. Closer to the ground – meaning slightly less distance to pull – makes it a very valid option.