Cheap protein [UK Only] – Updated


Discount Codes

Further to the price matcher we’ve got hold of a bunch of myprotein discount codes. Check out the table, full to the brim with myprotein coupons. The table is updated daily so check back often for the latest deals.


Understandably, not everyone can afford a gourmet selection of meat three or four times a day. Yet, if you want to rival the likes of Poundstone or Big Z you’ll undeniably require a boat-load of protein.

We aren’t going to get into the technicalities of whole-food sources versus supplements such as whey. We’ll just gloss over that (for now). Instead, we’re going to operate on the assumption that whey is a viable alternative, and on that basis give you UK residents the lowdown of where to purchase the best value whey. I’m afraid the internationals amongst our audience will have to wait for their own article!

The Basics

If you want the cheapest of the cheap you’re going to be looking at unflavoured whey. Irrespective of the percentage of protein, the blend, or any other factor – unflavoured will be the cheapest. Once you’ve resided yourself to a distinctly average tasting shake, the next step is to decide the exact type of protein you want. Nowadays, there are all sorts of protein powders on the market. Our recommendation? Keep it simple. Myprotein’s impact whey contains over 80% protein per serving. Although you can get wheys with a higher percentage, its generally unnecessary unless you’re competing at a high level and want to squeeze every ounce out of your supplements.

The next tip is to buy in bulk. If you’re a heavy user of whey protein this won’t be an issue and you’ll cruise through a 5kg bag in a month or two. If you’re a more normal user a 5kg may seem like overkill. But things to keep in mind:

  • Whey protein usually has quite a long shelf-life so you don’t have to use it all in a week.
  • Consider sharing with your training partner or conning convincing someone else to go halves with you.

Where to Buy

If you hunt around the internet long enough, chances are you’ll find a cheaper protein than that mentioned in this thread. If that’s your style I can throughly recommend keeping your eye on our forums where deals are regularly posted or websites dedicated to finding special offers such as If you don’t have the time or can’t be bothered then follow this guide below to ensure you get a decently priced protein!

Our recommendation? Myprotein. As a starting point, bulk buying their unflavoured whey can work out as a reasonably decent deal. However, the way to ensure you get one of the best prices available is to use myprotein’s price matcher. You can find the price matcher here. The idea is that you put in another protein supplier and then myprotein lower their prices to not only match, but beat their competition. The best website to enter changes daily, but to get you started here is a list of websites to try. Compare the results and choose the one that gives you the best saving!



There are a whole bunch of places to buy protein from. It may be that you’d rather have a beautifully flavoured chocolate shake and pay a bit more than suffering unflavoured whey. Fair enough, we understand. Nevertheless, the basic concept still applies – buy in bulk and don’t forget the price matcher.

Seen any great protein deals? Comment below or post them on our forums.