Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Articles from strongman competitors, coaches and fans. Find your training tips, nutritional information, interviews and more here.

Strongman without the kit

We'd like to think Strongman is an ever-growing sport but we're very aware that the host of "necessary" equipment can put a lot of budding strongmen off. This feature aims to provide you with ways to train strongman events...

Arnold Strongman Classic Europe

What with the World's Strongest Man competition, the World Log Lift championships and now the Arnold Strongman Classic Europe its been a busy few weeks for strongman competitors! Here are the final results:Final StandingsZydrunas Savickas - 47 points Krzystof Radzikowski...

Strongman twitterers

You wouldn't necessarily associate a strongman with computers and the internet, let alone as an active tweeter, yet many of our idols on the international stage can be found all over twitter.com.Here are some of the most active and...


Nick Best

Nationality: American Height: 1.87m Weight: 142kgPrior to strongman, Nick Best was a world-class powerlifter in the 125kg weight category. His strongman career to date has seen...

Mikhail Koklyaev