Keg Toss



The keg toss is a test of strength and explosiveness. The strongman has to throw a number of kegs, usually of increasingly heavier weight, over a specified height. The quickest competitor to get all the kegs over the height wins.

The keg toss is always a crowd pleaser and so often appears in the World’s Strongest Man competition. Athletes adopt a number of different techniques – holding the barrel horizontally (as pictured to the left), holding the keg vertically (usually favoured by taller strongmen) or showboating and throwing the keg one-handed.


The Guinness book of records names Benjamin Hedermann as the holder for the highest beer keg toss world record with a height of 7.30m. Strongman competition records are sparse as the number of kegs, weight of the kegs and time limit allowed varies too much to set an official record.